I am Martin Aaron Mulvey

I climb, a lot. I am a vexillologist. I work in digital marketing. You can find me on any website or app that I use by searching for m88ulv. It’s my car reg, my username, and it makes sense. I was born in 88 and the rest of it is Mulv.

This blog is generally based around my climbing training, injuries, competitions, days out, climbing with friends etc.

Check out the blog at AsOne, which I write most of. It’s full of search engine ranking tips, social media related things, advice and other industry stuff.

I can build websites too, but don’t tend to do much private work. If you need a website, hosting, emails etc, goto AsOne.co.uk.

Contact me on Twitter if you need me for anything (@m88ulv). If you don’t have twitter, email me at info at this page. If you can’t figure out what my email address is from that bit of information, then get Twitter and tweet me. Although, it is pretty obvious what my email address is.