M88ULV | Martin Aaron Mulvey | Climber


M88ULV Climbing New Mills Torr Viaduct Wall

I’m a 26 year old climber, who is extremely interested in languages, of which I obviously speak English, I am fluent in spoken French and I am confident that I can speak, read and write in Spanish – and I can do a pretty decent Mexican accent to top it all off. It’s a shame I don’t tan and look less Mexican than any other person in the world.

I spend my weekday evenings either at a climbing centre in Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool, Widnes or Queensferry, or at the local gym, running on a treadmill.

For my day job I work for a digital marketing and web design agency.

This blog is generally based around my climbing training, injuries, competitions, days out, climbing with friends etc.

Contact me on Twitter if you need me for anything (@m88ulv).